Ever wonder why two people can eat the exact same foods and experience different weight gains and losses? By analyzing genetic markers in your DNA, you can better understand your body’s response to various diets & exercises.By analyzing your genetics, we help you discover your body’s ideal diet & fitness plan. A study conducted by Stanford University showed individuals on genotype-appropriate diets lost 5.3 percent of body weight compared to individuals on diets not matched to their genotype, who experienced only 2.3 percent weight loss.


Pathway Fit genetic testing offers insight into over 20 traits unique to diet, exercise, and overall wellness plus an in depth look into your genetic nutrition profile. Diet and exercise plan based on your DNA.


Once we receive your order, you will be contacted within 3-5 business days to schedule your quick DNA swab visit in our office. No eating, drinking, or smoking for 30 minutes prior to collection. At your visit, you will fill out a few consent forms and swab the inside of your cheek with the same force you brush your teeth. Use one swab per cheek, and brush for approx. 45 seconds. Results will arrive within 2-3 weeks.






PathwayFit Genetic Testing Detailed Diet and Exercise Plan

  • Pathway Fit Testing $189.00 plus Interpretation Fee $61.00 = $250.00. Results are conveniently emailed directly to you.