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Welcome to Advanced Surgeons, P.C.

Advanced Surgeons, P.C. is a Leading Edge, Faith Based, General Surgery practice located in Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama. The Surgery Practice is made up of five highly trained doctors that not only cover the general surgery realm but have also been trained in specific specialties such as, Colon Surgery, Rectal Surgery, Bariatric Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery. We are very proud of our faith based care and believe that God is honored through our highly ethical and mutually beneficial business practices. Our mission is to provide skilled surgical care that is minimally invasive so you recover from your surgery quickly to enjoy your life

Highly skilled Birmingham Surgeons

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"I find surgery a gratifying area of medicine because it often deals with acute life-threatening illnesses that may be cured by a single procedure. But as a child of a family practitioner, I learned that a physician’s work is really a ministry ...


W. Scott Pennington, Jr.


"As a child with asthma, I quickly learned of the power to heal possessed by my pediatrician. This awareness, coupled with a life-long fascination with human anatomy/physiology, led to my choice of surgery as a career...


G. Blaine Bishop, Jr.


"My commitment as a surgeon is to provide the highest quality care with the most effective and progressive means available. Minimally-invasive techniques now allow us to perform complex surgeries with excellent outcome and minimal discomfort...


John G. Touliatos


Heather joined our group in

December 2015.


Heather R. Waldrup, MD

Barton S. Wood, MD attended the University of Alabama School of Medicine and completed his surgery residency at the University of South Alabama. He joined our group in November 2017.  Dr. Wood is Board Certified with the American Board of Surgery.


Barton S. Wood, MD

Grandview Physician Plaza

A healing environment designed and built with the patient experience in mind. Medical teams dedicated to clinical excellence and compassionate care. A history of serving the community that spans half a century – and long into the future. Grandview Medical Center will be one of the most technologically advanced hospitals.

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Our Mission

“Believing That God Is Honored In Excellence” Our Surgeons Are Committed To: Administering leading edge faith based surgery to our patients – Highly ethical, efficient and mutually beneficial business practices – Continuously developing as doctors while working interdependently to realize a cohesive dynamic team – As a Patient: As a…

alabama heartburn, alabama weight loss, alabama cancer, alabama surgery, alabama general practicioner, alabama bariatric
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